Next Generation Performance Management Application

Perfx, the next generation performance management application developed by SabancıDx, allows you to align your employee targets with your company’s targets through its feedback and feedforward system.


Next Generation Performance Management Application
Fully Compliant with Your Values and Strategies

Perfx is a member of Human Resources Digital Solutions HrWe, developed by SabancıDx, which has been working on digital transformation in human resources processes for over 18 years, and ensures that your organization proceeds with common targets, thanks to its agile, flexible and always accessible structure in performance management processes.

Common Targets and Values

Common Targets and Values

You can set employee targets and competencies aligned with your company’s strategy and ensure that your employees clearly see their own contributions to the achievements of your company’s goals. In addition, you can facilitate the creation of common values by your employees through the target recommendation and association feature that can be used among employees in the application.

Feedback and Feedforward

You can constantly monitor your employees’ performance by allowing target-oriented, real-time feedback and feedforward among your managers and employees. Moreover, your employees can request feedback from and provide feedback for not only their managers, but also their colleagues.

Feedback and Feedforward
Aligning with Organization’s Rhythm

Aligning with Organization’s Rhythm

OKR (Objective Key Results) methodology, used in organizations to focus and align multiple teams towards measurable common goals, enables collaborative goal management. With Perfx OKR, teams can work together towards shared objectives and achieve success by aligning with the organization's rhythm. Click here for more information.

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Easy Monitoring, Fast Action

You can set milestones for employee targets, schedule them and receive reminders and notifications at intervals you specify for upcoming assignments. This will make it easier for you to keep track of your list of assignments and to achieve your targets according to the success metrics that you set.

Easy Monitoring, Fast Action
Data-Driven Decisions

Data-Driven Decisions

Thanks to Perfx, which provides you the advantages of advanced data security, high technological infrastructure, ease of access with cloud solution and easy integration with different solutions; you can make robust decisions based on your performance data with data warehouse and offline reporting, dashboards designed for administrators, flexible reporting and comprehensive analysis capability.

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HR Managers Will Love the Next Generation Performance Management

HR Managers Will Love the Next Generation Performance Management

  • Common competence and company strategy libraries
  • Competency assignment matrices
  • Approval flows, bulk approval processes
  • Performance parameters that vary according to employee groups
  • Up-to-date employee form tracking
  • Customizable notifications and instant mobile notifications
  • Strong analytics and reporting features
  • Matching the correct form with the correct employee via the form recommendation
End-to-end, Ongoing Performance Management

End-to-end, Ongoing Performance Management

  • High technology and infrastructure
  • Advanced data security
  • ​Easy access with cloud solution
  • ​Easy integration
  • Interface supporting the next generation user experience
End-to-end, Ongoing Performance Management
  • Mobile application
  • Rich functionality
  • Parametric and flexible structure
  • Strong analytics and reporting
    • Data warehouse and offline reporting
    • Dashboards designed for managers
    • Flexible reporting ability

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Operating with the vision of leading Turkey's digital transformation and globalizing with the power of software, SabancıDx is a digital and analytics solution partner that undertakes the mission of carrying institutions to the future by producing sustainable benefits with innovative digital ideas.

SabancıDx, with its expert staff, meets all the needs of companies in their digital transformation journey with its consultancy and technology services as well as next generation technologies, such as Advanced Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Industrial IoT, Robotic Workforce and Artificial Intelligence, which break new ground in the digital field.

Human Resources Digital Solutions HrWe, which is developed by SabancıDx, offers end-to-end solutions in human resources management and employee experience with its next generation technological infrastructure and power of data.

Meeting the next generations’ ways of doing business and expectations, HrWe solutions which support remote working and internal communication, comprised of Hrweb, Perfx, Thanxie, Booxpace applications.

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