OKR tanıtım görseli

Achieve common goals with OKR’s

Enjoy achieving success with teams aligned with organization's rhythm through cooperation. Discover now what Perfx OKR offers to you.

OKR tanıtım görseli

Perfx OKR Makes Easy to Determine Goals

OKR (Objective Key Results) is a cooperative target management methodology used to focus and align multiple teams in your organization on and with common measurable targets.


Focus teams to your growth journey for common goals with metrics.


Track your progress towards measurable strategic goals and priorities.


Ensures teams to collaborate and create value together with clear goals.

What Can You Do with Perfx OKR?

1. Team Goals

1. Team Goals

Ensures the teams (departments) in your organization to specify and follow common goals.


2. Cross Team Goals

Enables cross-functional teams to track the goals they are working towards.

2. Cross Team Goals
3. Progress Follow-Up

3. Progress Follow-Up

Shows the impact of progress in teams’ goals and how close achieving the common goals.

4. Company Tree

Allows you to transparently share the direction and progress of your organization with all individuals and teams.

4. Company Tree
5. Authorization

5. Authorization

Authorization to specific teams or departments allows you to determine which employees to involve in OKR process in your organization.

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Is OKR Suitable for Your Company?

Together with our business partner Gooinn, we provide training and consulting services on what OKR methodology is, how it works, how to design the most suitable OKRs for your company, and how to evaluate OKRs after implementation.

What are the Benefits of OKR?

Keep your focus by revealing the most important

Make the contribution of teams on success visible

Create inspiration and excitement throughout your growth journey

Include teams in your strategy and motivate them to take action

What Our Customers Say?

Thanks to OKRs, we made our growth targets measurable not only for the founders but also for the whole team.

Sector: SaaS Startup

Our teams embracing OKRs, identified sales targets in a cooperative way based on the insights coming from customers.

Sector: Automotive

In line with our company objectives, we have achieved a measurable flexibility in our KPIs through OKRs.

Sector: Food

We increased loyalty in our teams located in different stores and positions, though OKRs that make visible their contributions to the company goals.

Sector: Technology

OKRs provided us to divide authority and responsibility equally by making easier to follow up KPIs.

Sector: Retail

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